Guide on How Happy-Go-Lucky

Did you know that the MaMo Airdrop 2.0 has just ended recently on 21st August 12am UTC?! We have dropped 2500 BUSD in Airdrop 2.0!

We will allocate 10% of our total supply of coins into a staking pool. What is staking? It is similar to an interest-bearing savings account, where this usually happens via a “staking pool”. A lot of traders and investors understand that staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies is the key takeaway.

MaMo: Happy-Go-Lucky is a reward mechanism in our ecosystem.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to Happy-Go-Lucky:

Press the “PURCHASE” button to be directed to the Pancake Swap page. With a minimum amount of 10 BUSD, swap BUSD to MaMo. The countdown for the reward activation will start after swapping to MaMo. With every purchase of MaMo, the activation countdown will be reset to 10 minutes. Please note that with every 100 purchases of MaMo, the countdown will be reduced by 1 minute in every round consequently until a remaining 30 seconds as the final countdown. If there is NO purchase of MaMo within 10 minutes of the round, a portion of 0.2% from the reward pool will be activated and 50% will be allocated to the last buyer’s address.

MaMo: Liquidity Provider Feast

How to play?

Press “GET MAMO-BUSD Liquidity Pool” to be directed to the Pancake Swap page. Then, pair with MaMo and BUSD to get the LP and approve your wallet address and pay BNB as gas fees. Lastly, stake your liquidity pool. The reward will be distributed to all liquidity pool staker after the reward countdown ends at every round. 20% from the 0.2% portion(in the reward pool) is allocated for every liquidity pool staker. At the end of every round, the MaMo earned can be harvested to your wallet address respectively.

What are you waiting for?! Swap to MaMo to be the last winner and stake liquidity pool to join the MaMo Feast! Do join our community so that you won’t miss out on our exciting events!

If you have any other questions, do contact us at:


For more info:

Official Website:








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