MaMo Airdrop 2.0 is Launched!

3 min readAug 18, 2021

The MaMo Airdrop 1.0 ended officially and we had received more than 8000 submissions. We are really thankful for all the support and participation. However in the Airdrop 2.0, there will be stricter tasks due to there being a lot of robots trying to get the Airdrop without completing any tasks which is not acceptable at all!

So what should you expect from the second stage of MaMo 1.0: Puzzle Beater?

Puzzle Beater is a one-of-a-kind NFT Gaming Mechanism established by MaMo Experiment.

This is how the game works: Users have to spend MaMo Tokens in order to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle on a random basis. The NFT jigsaw puzzle can be used as a staking mechanism for mining reward as well as a Davi token and a Keyword. Both Davi Token and the Keyword are the most important elements in the Phase 2 of MaMo. A single puzzle can be mined for 120 days in which the countdown will begin from the staking of the NFT jigsaw puzzle.

How to become a Puzzle Beater? You just have to unlock the last jigsaw puzzle in order to receive a big reward of MaMo as well as Davi token!

Now, here comes the exciting part which is the Airdrop. MaMo will be launching 3 Airdrops before the Public Pre-Sale and we have launched the Airdrop 1.0, so do follow us for more updated info.

How to Participate in the Airdrop 2.0?

It’s really simple! Just a few simple steps and you’re eligible to participate:

1. Join MaMo NFT Telegram Community:

2. Invite 3 friends (MUST not be robot or else you will be disqualified) into the MaMo NFT Telegram Community and take a screenshot as a proof.

3. Follow MaMo NFT at Twitter:

4. Follow MaMo NFT at Medium:

5. Like and Retweet the pinned post and tag min. 3 people.

6. Share MaMo Airdrop Medium article to your Twitter OR any other Telegram groups (Do remember to screenshot after sharing):

7. Fill the Google Form and leave your BSC Address (make sure you have a valid Binance Smart Chain / (BEP20) address. (Must get the Google Form link from our Telegram Community)

8. Submit proofs of share (Screenshot) at the provided Google Form above.

The campaign will end on 20 August 2021 1159 PM (UTC, after which we will randomly select the lucky winners by 21 August. The full list of winners will be posted on Twitter and other MaMo Social channels on Monday (23 August).

Winners will receive the BUSD Airdrop by the end of August 2021 (will be announced after Airdrop 3.0).

Don’t want to miss out on the excitement? Stay tuned to our Official Website, Medium or other social media for the latest updates. Fight to be our PuzzleBeater!

If you have any other questions, please do contact us at:


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