MaMo Experiment is Officially Audited!

2 min readSep 14, 2021


Good engineering involves a lot of pieces beyond just having a strong algorithm paper: coding standards, continuous integration, automated test coverage, documentation management, reproducible cloud deployment, dependency tracking, and more. The stronger the engineering infrastructure, the more likely you can expect a reliable and secure result that works as intended under a wide range of conditions — in other words, quality.

The blockchain field, including cryptocurrency, is of course fairly new. And these technologies are of course very sensitive to quality. Unfortunately as we have all seen, they don’t all live up to their promises. Engineering teams, perhaps feeling the pressure to get to market quickly, sometimes overlook valuable opportunities to improve quality. To be blunt, a lot of blockchain implementation work needs improvement.

Now we are here to bring you one HUGE announcement!

MaMo Experiment is officially audited by Solid Proof!

You can find out at the link below:

Solid Proof specializes in auditing smart contracts and can find vulnerabilities in the blockchain project using manual and automated tests. With the informative report, we are able to give our community a good sense of security.

We hope that with this audit report, we are able to increase the confidence of MaMons in our projects. We, MaMo Experiment, are definitely sending every MaMons to the Moon!

Stay tuned for more updates in our community!

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