MaMo Experiment Launching Is Postponed?

Dear MaMons, our launching date is postponed, and it will be announced!

So, why did we postpone? It is because we are now working with the tech team in order to develop the NFT Gamification and bring more fun to MaMons!

Here’s some sneak peeks for MaMons!

MaMo Experiment is enhancing the NFT marketplace (MaMo Hub) with more exciting and innovated features, which we will call it MaMoSwap. It does not only allow users to trade their NFTs freely among each other, but also enable users to tokenize their NFTs.

The main feature of MaMoSwap is to break NFTs into fragment in form of token and enable to contract its own token which allow NFTs to gain more liquidity power with the objective of being user-friendly.

With the effort of development teams, we are providing the leading and largest NFT developer platform for more projects, artist and NFT players to create NFTs and contracts with the use of fund raising, airdrop and liquidity. Thus, the function of token swap will be allowed in MaMoSwap too, and we will list for trade and provide liquidity in MaMoSwap very soon as the developing of features is in final stage.

Please stay tuned on our official announcement for the date of launch.




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