MaMo: Liquidity Provider Feast

Do you know what the MaMo Experiment is all about? The NFTs market today are trading jpeg images, videos, music, artworks, domain names, collection cards etc. Unlike what’s existing on the market, we have something new to offer in the NFT-space! Our mission is to merge digital NFTs with jigsaw puzzles. Moreover, once the ownership has been decided, our collectors can even claim a-one-and-only 1/1 physical form of the digital puzzle! Doesn’t this excite the NFT-world?!

Here’s a sneak peek of MaMo Era: Liquidity Provider Feast

Liquidity Provider Feast gives our investors an opportunity to earn extra when staking our liquidity pool. MaMo liquidity is eligible for everyone at DEX (Decentralised Exchange) to stake our liquidity pool for reward sharing. From the reward pool (0.2%), 20% of it is allocated for all liquidity pool staker as reward. The MaMo reward will be distributed to all liquidity pool staker after the reward countdown ends every round. It can be harvested to the staker’s wallet address respectively.

How to stake MaMo liquidity pool? Here’s a step-to-step tutorial:

  1. Select “GET MAMO-BUSD Liquidity Pool” to be directed to Pancake Swap.
  2. Pair BUSD with MaMo.
  3. Approve your wallet address and pay gas fees in BNB.
  4. Stake MaMo liquidity pool.

Are you excited about our Liquidity Provider Feast? Stay tuned! As we will be announcing more about it. Join our community to get first-hand updates!

If you have any other questions, please do contact us at:


Visit us at other platforms for more info!








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