MaMo NFT: Happy-Go-Lucky

The MaMo Experiment White Paper and Official Website were launched two days ago on the 15th July 2021. However, some are wondering what NFT is, why is it so special?

NFTs, Non-Fungible tokens are unique digital items that are issued on a blockchain. In many ways, they hold similar qualities to items in the real world. Think about physical goods like limited-edition trainers, collectible baseball cards, or the limited edition drops by clothing brands. NFTs are special due to few characteristics they have: Unique and distinguishable, Provably authentic, Contract of ownership and Gamified Investment. Here’s a fun fact to our readers, one NFT artwork was sold for $69.3 million this year.

The explanation about NFT and its uniqueness above should tell you a lot about NFT.

Hence, let us introduce to you about the First Stage of the MaMo Era: Happy-Go-Lucky!

The Happy-Go-Lucky is a reward mechanism. It is used to reward the last buyer from DEX (Decentralized Exchange) at every end of the reward countdown period. There will be a countdown of 10 minutes for every purchase period, this is why timing is always the key here. Purchasing at the right timing may get you more rewards. However, if there is no purchase within 10 minutes, the reward mechanism will automatically be activated through contract.

So, how does the reward distribution work? Every reward from the pool is 0.2%, the lucky buyer will share 50% of the reward, 20% is awarded to the liquidity provider(s), 10% is awarded to the puzzle beater, while the remaining 20% will be allocated for marketing purposes.

Are you getting all hyped up now? Can’t wait to be the lucky buyer?

What’s better than this? Stay tuned at our Official Website, Medium and other platforms for more good news! We will be giving you more sneak peeks and more hints about the launching of our private sales!

If you have any other questions, please do contact us at:


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