MaMo Official Website with New Look!

NFT was created about 7 years ago; But now, it is the trend in the Crypto world.


This is due to people starting to realize NFT’s uniqueness, which is irreplaceable, and it is because every NFT is one of a kind. Everyone can duplicate a 1:1 from any famous artist, however the ownership of the original art will never belong to you at all. These digital collectibles are non-fungible, which essentially means they’re irreplaceable. There’s a good feeling when you know you own a one-of-a-kind piece, whether it be a painting, a piece of furniture, or a digital image, audio clip, or other digital asset. And most importantly, this leads to value growth, works exactly like physical art. Picasso’s painting took more than 50 years to be worth $140 million.

So what is MaMo Experiment about?

MaMo Experiment is a new project in the NFT-space with the goal of merging digital NFTs with jigsaw puzzles. The team is producing a limited collection of physical puzzles, each with a completely one of a kind design. Each puzzle is represented as a single unique and 1/1 NFT and can be claimed for delivery by the NFT owner. MaMo is convening the world’s best crypto art creators and the most avid crypto art punks to form a pure NFT community based on the passion for crypto art.

Now let us announce some good news to our users and supporters!

The MaMo Official Website has been revamped with a new look!

We will be publishing more updated info and news on our Official Website, Social Media and also Telegram Community.

Let us give you a hint, the Phase 1 of MaMo Public Pre-Sale will be launched this month! Do stay tuned!

Official Website:








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