The Phase 1 of MaMo Experiment Airdrop Has Officially Ended!

3 min readAug 16, 2021

The Phase 1 of MaMo Experiment Airdrop has officially ended! We are extremely grateful for all the participation in the Airdrop. To those who have missed out the airdrop, no worries, because there will be more for you!

The Airdrop event was extremely hot and ended just now. We’re received more than 8,000 answers in the Google Form. Please pay attention to the followings:

1)We will filter out the robot and the people who didn’t accomplish the tasks in form. In addition, we will exclude duplicate answers.

2) We will announce the result ASAP. Please be patient!

3) The rule also is first-come-first-serve. Whoever meets the requirements will be the lucky winner in the Airdrop.

4) The BUSD will be dispersed at the end of August 2021.

If you have really missed out on the MaMo Experiment Airdrop 1.0, here’s some good news for you! MaMo Experiment will be launching a total of THREE (3) Airdrops before the Launching of Public Sales. So stay tuned for more!

We will be opening more seats to the public for the Airdrop 2.0. For further update, follow our Telegram Community for more info:

What’s the most exciting part about a Crypto-related project?

It’s definitely Tokenomics!

There will be a total supply of 200 billion of MaMo from MaMo Experiment. So, how do we allocate them?

Firstly, the Private Sales will have 3% of the total supply which is 6 billion of MaMo. However, 50% of it will be released at the launching of MaMo Experiment and we will be releasing 10% in the consecutive month.

Of course other than the Private sales, we have our Public Sales as well. Both Private Sales and Public Sales Phase 1 and Phase 2 will have the same amount of MaMo which is 6 billion MaMo and 50% will be released at launch, and 10% consecutively every month. Moving on, in the Phase 3 of Public Sales, we have allocated 2% of the total supply which is 4 billion MaMo.

So if you’re wondering, whether you will be getting MaMo in our Airdrop Campaigns for Twitter and Telegram. The answer is a big YES here. We have allocated 4 billion MaMo for this segment as well.

We have also allocated 1% from the total supply of MaMo for the Initial Liquidity Pool and 20 billion MaMo (10%) will be dedicated to the team to ensure sustainable and rapid innovation such as collaboration with other DEFI projects and Vinci 2.0 development. (Vesting after 30 days of launch, and 5% consecutively every month)

If you have read through our Whitepaper, there is a Happy-Go-Lucky in the MaMo 1.0 which is a reward mechanism. For this, we have allocated 58 billion MaMo (29%) for it! Also, we have allocated 100 billion of MaMo into NFT Mining!

If all the info above is getting you hot, don’t let the heat stop! We will be announcing more HUGE upcoming news in our Official Media! Stay tuned for the Airdrop 2.0!

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