Updates on Official Launching of MaMo Experiment

2 min readOct 16, 2021

We apologize for the postponement of our official launch, however we have come out with more exciting and great news to MaMons!

We have collaborated with GoShard which is a Tron NFT Marketplace.

Yes. We have migrated into the Tron Chain.

Let us tell you more about GoShard!

The GoShards platform is based on the TRON network integrated with Automated Market Maker model (AMM) that allows the trading of NFT digital assets, without providing order matching with book order. On the other hand, a liquidity pool is the trading between users. This is because users can freely create NFTs (TRC721) and NFT shards (TRC20) which enables the trading of NFT shards, while also receiving incentives through liquidity providing.

MaMons can head into https://www.goshards.com/ to have a look!

The reason that we both have collaborated is due to MaMo Experiment has discover that there is not much NFT projects using Tron chain when there’s so much benefits for Tron NFT Marketplace. This is a huge move from us, that is why we have postponed our launching.

So what should MaMons expect from the collaboration between us and GoShards?

We have created a new token called BabyMaMo. BabyMaMo is a TRC-20 token on the MaMo Experiment platform that is used to breed NFT of BabyMaMo series with 20 limited editions and also increase the rate of unlocking higher rarity of puzzle jigsaw in blind box. With collaboration of GoShards, users are allowed to get BabyMaMo and grab the special edition NFT of BabyMaMo at GoShards platform.

So what can you do with the MaMo Tokens that you have purchased?

For current MaMo Token Holders, you may stake MaMo at MaMo Dapp in order to receive BabyMaMo as rewards. With BabyMaMo you can buy our special NFT Series for staking purposes. By staking, you can earn 10% from the reward of Happy-Go-Lucky!

Stay tuned for more updates on MaMo Experiment!

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