What are the changes to Happy-Go-Lucky in MaMoSwap?

2 min readSep 28, 2021

MaMo Experiment community is committed to building a new concept of encrypted art ecology through a decentralized system. With the utilization of blockchain technology and artificial neural convolutional network deep learning technologies to realize an NFT intelligent experimental community that builds consensus and shares together, including encrypted art AI algorithm creation platform (Vinci), community entertainment ecology (lucky pool), peer-to-peer NFT Trading platform (Hub).

Introduction to MaMo Swap

Dear Mamons, we proudly introduce you to MaMo Swap! Instead of using Pancake Swap to swap your USDT/BUSD to MaMo token, we now have our own MaMo Swap!

Reward Pool (Happy-Go-Lucky)

There is a countdown reward mechanism with an allocated amount of 29% of the total supply. At the end of every reward countdown, the reward will be activated with the last purchase from MaMo Swap. With every purchase from MaMo Swap, the countdown will be reset to 10 minutes. If there is no purchase within 10 minutes, the reward mechanism will automatically be triggered through contract. Every reward is 0.2% from the pool, the last trader (lucky trader) will share 50% of the reward, 20% will be rewarded to the liquidity pool provider(s), and 10% to the puzzle beater.

Everyone could add MaMo liquidity at MaMo Swap and stake our liquidity pool for reward sharing. With every 100 purchases from MaMo Swap, the reward countdown will be reduced by 1 minute in every reset until the final countdown which is a 30 seconds countdown. The next round of reward countdown will be reset and begin from 10 minutes.

We are excited about the introduction of our DEX, MaMo Swap! Stay tuned, join our community for more updates!

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