What Must You Know about MaMo Public Sale Phase 1

Dear MaMons,

If you do not know, the MaMo Public Sale Phase 1 is launching on 4 September 2021 UTC (Less than 2 days left!). There will be 2 billion MaMo up for grabs during the Phase 1 of MaMo Public Sale, priced at $0.000085 per MaMo. There’s a Minimum and Maximum Purchase applied on the Public Sale:

• Maximum purchase of 2000 BUSD / USDT

• Minimum purchase of 100 BUSD / USDT

Just follow a few simple steps and you can participate in the MaMo Public Sale:

1. Buy BUSD/USDT from Binance;

2. Transfer BUSD/USDT to your BSC address;

3. Visit our official website and click “PURCHASE TOKEN”;

4. Enter your purchase amount;

5. Complete the transaction and you’re good to go!

Let us tell you more about this Phase 1 of Public Sale.

There’s even a mini Airdrop while you’re participating in the Public Sale!

Wondering how to get the Airdrop?

Quickly head over to our Telegram Community at https://t.me/nftmamo and go through the Pinned Messages to find out how to claim the Airdrop in our tutorial video!

What’s better than this mini Airdrop? There’s even a bigger Airdrop going on too!

Quickly head to our Telegram Community to find out more at https://t.me/nftmamo

For more info about the Public Sale, you may head over to our Official Website at www.mamonft.com or our Gitbook at https://mamonft.gitbook.io/docs/ for more info!

Quickly invite more friends to join us in the Public Sale as this is definitely a golden opportunity! Take note that the mini airdrop will only be available while the Public Sale is running.

If you have any other questions, please do contact us at:

Email: info@MaMonft.com

Visit us at other platforms for more infos!

Website: www.MaMonft.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NftMaMo

Telegram: https://t.me/nftmamo

Medium: https://mamonft.medium.com/





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