What should you expect from Puzzle Beater

2 min readOct 2, 2021


Encyption art is becoming more mainstream. The creativity provided by encryption art is unmatched by other media. For the first time ever, digital artists can monetize digital works that prove to be scarce, whether they are memes, GIFs or VR installations. Digital art has a wide range of creations. By linking these works with ownership tokens of collection and investment potential, more artists, investors, and collectors are entering the field of encryption.

NFT Puzzle Mining (Puzzle Beater)

Puzzle Beater is our Gaming Mechanism in order for MaMons to earn more and even own the NFT! MaMons can spend MaMo Tokens to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle, it will be in a random basis. A single puzzle can be mined for 120 days in which the countdown will begin from the staking of the first NFT jigsaw. The earlier the jigsaw puzzles unlock in a single puzzle, the more the token to be mined.

The last jigsaw puzzle to be unlocked will be entitled with a big reward of MaMo Tokens (10% of each reward distribution) and Davi Tokens. The unlocked NFT jigsaw puzzles will have a buffering duration of 24 hours for everyone to trade, Whereas NFT jigsaw puzzle that have not been staked will be automatically staked by the system after 24 hours. When a single puzzle game is completed, there will be a 72 hours window to determine those who holding the most NFT jigsaw puzzle in a single puzzle and thus be entitled the ownership of the NFT puzzle.

Have you joined our community? All MaMons will be welcoming you! You may be the next puzzle beater!

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