Why Should You Invest in MaMo?

2 min readSep 2, 2021

What does “MaMo” from “MaMo Experiment” mean?

MaMo is derived from Mammon, which means wealth in Ancient Chaldean. The MaMo Experiment was established to find out how to integrate NFT technology with encrypted art & AI technology.

Over the ages, Mammon had been actively searching for an eureka moment, an epic revolutionary change that can create multi-significant changes to lifestyles, economics, and social well being.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in us!

First of all, we provide added value to our investors. How?

The Happy-Go-Lucky of Phase 1 of MaMo Experiment is a reward mechanism. So how does it provide added value to our investors? The reward is activated with the last purchase from DEX at the end of every reward countdown. In short, we are giving more MaMo Tokens to our investors and this includes a lil bit of gamification. So you can get more MaMo by paying the same amount as long as you’re the last trader.

Secondly, our NFT gamification is one of a kind.

This is how the game works: Users have to purchase MaMo Tokens in order to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle on a random basis. Each puzzle is segregated by different amounts of token mining according to the puzzle difficulty level. The unlocked jigsaw puzzle will be having a buffering duration and the owner can trade freely amongst each other. When a single puzzle game is completed, there will be a 72 hours window to determine those who are holding the most NFT jigsaws in a single puzzle and thus be entitled the ownership of the NFT puzzle.

This is where you can say that you are earning while playing too.

What are you still waiting for? Quickly join us at our Public Sale on 4 September!

Stay tuned for more reasons why you should invest in our project!

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